Dave, 56, Ireland
Young at heart and usually able to “pull anything off,” Dave struggled with his training in the months leading up to the first event. Now — in the middle of the desert — he must ask himself a painful, personal question: does getting older really change what you are capable of?
Samantha, 25, Australia
Passionate and spunky, this over-committed, over-organized law student dreams of being the first woman — and the youngest competitor ever — to finish all four desert races in one calendar year. But will she be able to maintain her sense of control amidst the chaotic nature of the deserts?
Ricky, 33, United States
An ex-professional baseball player, Ricky is naturally athletic and experienced. But this time Mother Nature — and his own body — might prove to be his most formidable opponents yet.
Tremaine, 41, United Kingdom
A military man who’s been trained to kill, Tremaine has come to run these deserts in honor of his wife, who died less than a year ago leaving him with two young children. As he attempts to reconstruct and redefine his life, he can’t help but wonder if being pushed to the physical extremes will break him down completely… or heal him?